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What you need
  • 6-50 People  (Family, Friends or Co-Workers)

  • Everyone bring a wrapped gift.  Decide if the gifts will be something new or something you already have. (If the Gifts are new, determine the price and type of gift ahead of time). 

  • 1 - TGEG Deck

How to Play TGEG - Recipe for the perfect game
  1. Sit in a circle. Put wrapped gifts in the middle

  2. Everyone takes 1 gift and sits in their seat (do not open yet)

  3. Shuffle TGEG Deck to mix up cards

  4. Oldest or youngest starts the game; draw 1 card from the deck and read it aloud to the group

  5. Follow the directions on the card

  6. Next person to the left draws a card and following directions, continue one person at a time, until all of the cards are played.  

  7. When the action on the last card is completed, everyone opens gifts one at a time. 

  8. After the gifts are opened, the holder of the Golden Ticket card has the option to keep their gift or exchange for any gift of their choice. 

  9. After that, keep the gift you have, or exchange with someone else .

  10. Have fun!  Laugh as much as possible!


What ages can play TGEG? 
Generally this game is best suited for ages 15+.

What if I don't like the card I pick?

Feel free to grab the next card in the deckTGEG is all about having fun!! :)


What size group can play? 
You can have a group from 4-54 people.  Th
e games takes the same amount of time to play regardless of how many people you have.


How long does the game usually last?

It typically takes around 55 minutes to play.  It's about 1 minute per card.  So If you wanted a 30 minute game you can pick out your favorite 30 cards to keep the game around 1/2 hour.


How much should be spent on the gift?
The price should be determined by the group ahead of time.  Also it's good to be clear if the gifts are supposed to be joke gifts or something nicer.

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